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Terms & Conditions

Terms of use

The users of this website (“Site”) hereby consent to use this Site and its contents at their own risk. TECNEX s.r.o, hereinafter referred as the Company, existing under the laws of Czech Republic, having its registered office at Fantova 1788/20, Prague 5, PSČ 15500, Czech Republic is entitled to alter or remove this site in whole or part at any time.

The Site contains links to third party websites but this does not automatically means that Company approves the content of such websites. Company does not accept any liability for the accessibility or content of such website, or any liability for damage, injury or harm arising from the use of such content in any form. Company provides links to other websites only for the purposes of quick, convenient orientation, and users visit such websites at their own risk.

You can use Site without sharing any of your personal data that directly identifies you. Although Site may contain links to other websites, the principles of personal data protection described herein do not necessarily apply to other websites. If you are interested in information about how data are collected and distributed, contact the operators of the specific websites directly.

Privacy policy

The company protects all personal data processed by Company as strictly confidential and treats such data in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to personal data processing. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), Company is the controller of your personal data, i.e. collects, stores and uses (and otherwise processes) your personal data in order to pursue its business activities (individual purposes for which the personal data are processed are specified below).

The Privacy Policy applies to:

  • personal data processing carried out by the Company during your use of the website operated by the Company (the “Website”)
  • personal data processing carried out by the Company in the course of performance of contracts made with its business partners, dealers and the Company clients
  • personal data processing aimed for compliance with the legal obligations of the Company
  • personal data processing for the purpose of distributing commercial communications
  • personal data processing that is required for the purpose of protecting the legitimate interests of the Company
  • personal data processing carried out by the Company based on a consent given by you.

Personal data and purposes of personal data processing

Company is entitled to process the personal data like name and surname, contact address, e-mail, telephone number, account number, identification number, tax ID, with the purposes of processing performance of a contract with the Company business partners and contracts made with the clients, in compliance with legal obligations (accounting and tax legislation, i.e. submitting personal data to tax authorities or to other public authorities in accordance with the applicable laws and regulation), for protection of the rights and legally protected interests of the Company, e.g. protection of the Website and Company network against fraud, assessment of the solvency of a business partner, dealing with requests submitted via electronic submission forms, distributing commercial communications via email, text message, telephone calls or by mail.

Processing of personal data based on a consent

If you give the Company your consent for the processing of personal data for the purpose of distributing commercial communications of the Company, you understand that the consent is given voluntarily and that it may be withdrawn at any time. The consent is given for the period of 10 years or until it is withdrawn. A failure to give a consent does not prejudice the performance of any contract.

Recipients of personal data

In the Company, your personal data are disclosed only to authorised employees or individual contractual processors of personal data contracted by the Company or to other controllers.

Storage period of personal data

Some personal data needed for example for billing and tax obligations will be retained for a long period, usually 10 years from the year following the creation of the retained fact, then the personal data will be irrevocably destroyed so that they cannot be misused.

Enabling and disabling cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies may be disabled in the settings of your Internet browser or you can enable only certain types of cookies. However, if you disable the Company cookies, certain functions may not work the way they should. You can find the setting of the privacy features in your computers where you can decline or disable cookies in the menu of your Internet browser. For the most common Internet browsers, you will find the setting regarding cookies on the following websites:

Chrome –

Firefox –

Internet Explorer –

Rights  of the data subjects

All communications and statements concerning your rights are provided by the Company free of charge. However, if the request is evidently unreasonable or inappropriate, in particular if repeated, the controller is entitled to charge a reasonable fee reflecting the administrative costs associated with the provision of the required information. In case of a repeated request for the provision of copies of the processed personal data, the controller reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for administrative costs.

Right of information about the processing of your personal data (You have the right to request information from the controller about whether personal data are processed or not. When personal data are processed, you are entitled to request information from the controller, in particular, about the identity and contact details of the controller, of his/her deputies and representatives).

Right to access personal data: if you are interested in whether the Company processes your personal data, you are entitled to obtain information regarding whether your personal data are being processed and if so, you are entitled to gain access to your personal data.

Right to rectification: If there has been a change on your personal identification information, you have the right to request the controller to rectify the processed personal data. In addition, you have the right to complete incomplete personal data, also by providing an additional statement.

Right to erasure: In specific given cases, you have the right to require the controller to erase your personal data. These cases include, for example, that the processed data are no longer needed for the above mentioned purposes. The controller will automatically erase your personal data after the necessary period, but you can always send your request to the controller at any time. Your request is then subject to an individual assessment (in spite of your right to erasure, the controller may have an obligation or legitimate interest to retain your personal data) and you will be informed in detail of your request.

Right to data portability: If you want the controller to provide your personal data to another controller, resp. another company, the controller will transfer your personal data in an appropriate format to the subject you will specify unless the controller is prevented from doing so by a legal or other significant obstacle.

Right to restriction of processing: if you are not interested in deleting your data, but you would like to temporarily restrict the processing of your personal data, you may request that controller restrict the processing of your personal data.

Right to object: you are entitled to raise an objection against the processing of your personal data that are processed for the purpose of the protection of legitimate interests of the Company. If the Company fails to prove that there is a serious legitimate reason for the processing that prevails over your interests or rights or freedoms, the Company will discontinue the processing without undue delay. Please send requests to exercise your rights by mail addressed to the registered office of the Company or by e-mail to The Company reserves the right to verify the identity of the person exercising the relevant rights.

Right to update this document: the company reserves the right to update the document Information on processing of personal data and will make the previous version available on request.

These principles of personal data processing take effect as at 25 May 2018.